DMC Services Introduces Local Business For Homeowners

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Services: It's Only A Postcard?

We have a promotional package that you may have an interest in participating with a local business.  DMC Services will provide you with the details and arrange for personal service to your family.  We will also respect the homeowners that wish not to take advantage of the offer and apologize for any inconvenience.  The process is informative and very beneficial to some homeowners seeking home services.

What Do We Offer?

Many homeowners are looking for personal service and are tired by chasing companies to share products that they may have an interest in looking to protect their home.  It can be difficult with trying to get the right solution and not knowing where to seek a product or service.  DMC Services would like to share an opportunity to homeowners that will allow them a NO cost or obligation approach to evaluate a product or service.  It's obvious that many homeowners have felt uncomfortable or skeptical about someone visiting their home.  DMC Services understands excactly how you may feel, but what we have found is that many homeowners are excited by the information we were able to share with them.  It is important to us that we allow the homeowner the choice to either decline the services or take advantage of the promotional offer package.  DMC Service takes homeowners privacy with the upmost priority and respects individuals that wish not to participate in the offer.  For the most part, many homeowners will not even make the call.  We look forward to the opportunity to share with you the information on your promotional package.