DMC Services Introduces Local Business For Homeowners

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About DMC Services

DMC Services was founded by a true entrepreneur, which he realized that consumers like the freedom to choose what product or service that may interest them.  Since its inception, DMC Services has visited thousands of homeowners to introduce local companies that offer environmentally friendly solutions to benefit their families.  Our creative branding strategies create relevance for your message and will help put your services into families seeking healthy solutions for their homes. 

Meet Our Creative Team

Still not sure if DMC Services is the right choice for you? We are convinced that our qualifications speak for themselves. Here is an overview of our top creative talent:


Rick Singh

Founder, Creative Director


Professional Experience:

  • Standard Publishing Services
  • X-Treme Scene
  • E-cig Connection


Awards and Recognitions:

  • Top Office Awards
  • National Marketing Awards


Bio: A Floridian native Rick Singh started his career in the stock brokerage industry at age 19, which led to an open field of sales and marketing for the past 16 years.  Having a great passion for the industry, he has created new innovative marketing concepts for companies he has worked for in the past.  His independent and innovative personality eventually led him to found DMC Services, where he has directed the creative design with great success ever since.